Stickin’ It to the Bears with Duct Tape

Posted on July 1, 2014

It’s well known among the Redneck population that duct tape is the universal solution for just about everything. But after reading this, you’ll see that while some joke about it, it actually has a lot more truth to it than you might think. Hypothetically, if your plane was mauled by a bear, you would probably be stranded and they’d make a movie about your survival story. Ah, but rednecks are always thinking about how to get out of sticky situations with some help from just a few items from the hardware store. One of our fantastic fans put the power of duct tape to the test when he found himself in one such situation.

On a private fishing trip in Alaska, the pilot left a full cooler of bait on his plane while he was away. Our wives will attest to the stench a can of worms or dead minnows can give off. A bear smelled the bait and did whatever he could to reach it. Take a look:

plane wreck in bear country plane attacked by bear bear destroys plane

The pilot could have given up at that moment and called for another plane to take him back and have his plane repaired. But this pilot had a different solution in mind. After radioing another pilot for supplies, the pilot had everything he needed to repair his plane and fly home. What was on his supply list? Three cases of duct tape and a supply of sheet plastic.

That’s it!?

Did you see that plane!?

He expects to fix that with just some duct tape and some plastic!?

Not possible!

That’s probably what you’re thinking. But you can’t deny the facts of the photos.

plane repaired with duct tape amazing duct tape fix

With some plastic and some duct tape, this pilot was able to fix his plane and fly it home.I’ve said before that you might be a redneck if you fix holes in your truck with duct tape. But if you can fix a plane with duct might just be a genius.